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"Emily should be Reach for Reading’s poster child!  She started as a retiring, reluctant reader and graduated as a confident student who loves books. Her parents are extremely happy and grateful to the program.

    RfR Tutor, Glen Lake, MI

"Student continues pushing himself to a higher level.  The one-on-one attention has increased his love of reading where he can read independently without teacher direction."

    RfR Tutor, Philadelphia, PA

"It must be successful.  We’ve already got parents calling us."

    Principal, Colonial Heights, VA

"I’ve seen a huge impact.  We’ve had some students who started the program who only knew some basic words, and now they’re actually reading.  You can see the difference in their attitude, and they’re excited."

    RfR Tutor, Atlanta, GA

"It’s fantastic!  I highly recommend it.  The students come to you and say, "I can read".

    RfR Facilitator, Fenton, MI

"My first student entered the program at pre-primary grade level and was up to second grade level when the 10 week session was over."

    RfR Tutor, Peachtree Corners, GA

"It makes me feel good to know I helped to make a difference in a student’s life."

    RfR Tutor, Durham, NC

"In my four years as principal here, I have not seen so much enthusiasm for a program as I have for Reach for Reading.  It has brought a level of excitement to my students, the staff and the parents that has not been evident before."

    Principal, Philadelphia, PA

"Reach for Reading has been an outstanding reading intervention program.  Parents and teachers alike have had great things to say about the progress students made in the regular education program after their 10 week session.  I would recommend the program to all elementary schools."

    Principal, Filmore, CA

Reach for Reading School References

March, 2000


[California]   [Colorado]   [Georgia]   [Maryland]   [Michigan]   [Mississippi]
[New Jersey]   [North Carolina]   [Pennsylvania]   [Texas]   [Virginia


Artesia, California
Niemes Elementary
ABC Unified School District
Principal: Beverly James
Facilitator: Carol Kurt

  • Reaching Higher
  • Reading Recovery teachers each tutor 1 student & share room with other tutors

Burbank, California
Providencia Elementary
Burbank Unified School District
Principal: Susie Andrews, PhD
Facilitator: Sue Casello

  • Reaching Up
  • 20 workstations in one room; all work at the same time

Downey, California
Unsworth Elementary
Downey Unified School District
Principal: Vicki Rusick
Facilitator: Barbara Gillion

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher

Glendale, California
Horace Mann Elementary
Glendale Unified School District
Principal: Lynda Christian
Facilitator: Marcie Kreditors

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Different types of locations: closets, back of classroom, etc.

Long Beach, California
Lincoln Elementary
1175 E. 11th St.
Long Beach, CA 90813
Principal: Ray Rivera
Facilitator: Mary Ann Erdmann

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Urban
  • Large ESL population
  • Permanent workstations in the hallway

Patrick Henry Elementary
Long Beach Unified School District
Principal: Jerry Gloria
Facilitator: Gloria Baron

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
    • Work in hallway
    • Portable workstations with everything mounted on trifolds


Denver, Colorado
Goldrick Elementary
1050 Zuni Street
Denver, CO 80223
Principal: Mary Nedig
Facilitator: Dorothea Glover

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Spanish
  • Urban

Pioneer Charter Elementary School
3230 E. 38th Street
Denver, CO 80205
Principal: Mary Sours
Facilitator: Brandy Sampson

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Charter school with longer school day and year
  • Spanish
  • Urban

Smedley Elementary School
4250 Shoshone Street
Denver, CO
Principal: Alfonso Jaquez
Facilitator: Sandy Martinez

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Predominate Spanish student population
  • Urban

Valdez Elementary School
2525 W. 29th Avenue
Denver, CO 80223
Principal: Tom Archuleta
Vice Principal & Key Contact: Val Kramer
RU! Facilitator: Amy Brooks
RH Facilitator: Shanna Rome-Curry

  • Spanish
  • Transient
  • Urban


Buchanan, Georgia
Buchanan Primary
271 Van Wert St.
Buchanan, GA 30113
Principal: Derek Pitts
Facilitator: Joy Jones

  • Reaching Up
  • Rural school
  • 14 workstations in a mobile unit

College Park, Georgia
Seaborn Lee Elementary
4600 Scarborough Rd.
College Park, GA 30349
Principal: Rebecca Cabine
Facilitator: Pauline Wilkins

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher

Columbus, Georgia
Georgetown Elementary
954 High Lane
Columbus, GA 31907
Principal: Carolyn Hutcheson
Facilitator: Gayle D. Travis

  • Reaching Up
  • Title I
  • Urban

East Point, Georgia
Oak Knoll
2626 Hogan Rd.
East Point, GA 30344
Principal: Iris Moran
Facilitator: Larita Primrose

  • Reaching Up
  • Suburban school
  • Workstations in a book room.

Norcross, Georgia
Simpson Elementary
4525 East Jones Bridge Rd.
Norcross, GA 30092
Facilitator: Judy Stephenson

  • Reaching Up
  • Suburban school.
  • Workstations in a mobile unit.

Palmetto, Georgia
Palmetto Elementary
505 Carlton Road
Palmetto, GA 30268
Principal: Thomas Kosslow
Facilitator: Mary Rulo

  • Reaching Up
  • ESL population


Baltimore County, Maryland
Baltimore County Schools
Office of Elementary Education
6901 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21204
Contact: Pat Hoge

  • Reaching Up
  • County adoption for 20 schools funded by poverty grant for lowest scoring schools
  • 5 additional schools have purchased on their own


Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Thorne Primary
25251 Annapolis
Dearborn Heights, MI 48125
Contact: Doreitha Armstrong

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban
  • Title I
  • Test scores rose

Hazel Park, Michigan
Hoover School
23720 Hoover
Hazel Park, MI 48030
Contact: Judy Klender, Title 1

  • Reaching Up
  • 1 of 6 district elementary schools to adopt program; Curriculum Director added 2 schools each year

Webster Elementary
431 W. Jarvis
Hazel Park, MI 48030
Facilitator: Terry Pawl

  • Reaching Up
  • Suburban

Jonesville, Michigan
Williams Elementary
440 Adrian Road
Jonesville, MI 49250
Principal: Pam Campbell
Contact: Diane Bolz

  • Reaching Up
  • Rural
  • Title I
  • Reach for Reading has received much local press


Lucedale, Mississippi
Agricola Elementary School
6265 Highway 613 S
Lucedale, MS 39452
Principal: Teresa Lawrence

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Rural School

Lucedale Elementary School
689 Church Street
Lucedale, MS 39452
Principal: Joanna Brown


  • Reaching Up
  • Pilot School

Rocky Creek Elementary School
2183 Rocky Creek Road
Lucedale, MS 39452
Facilitator: Becky Maples

  • Reaching Up
  • Rural
  • Teacher assistants and parent volunteers

Woodville, Mississippi
Wilkinson County Elementary School
522 Pond-Pickneyville Road
Woodville, MS 39669

  • Reaching Higher
  • Rural
  • After school program


Camden, New Jersey
Bonsall Elementary
Mt. Ephram Ave. and Chase St.
Camden, NJ 08104
Principal: Dr. Eileen Rock

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban.
  • Large Spanish population.

Forest Hill
Park Blvd. and Wildwood Ave.
Camden, NJ 08103
Principal: Ms. Anita Ricks
Facilitator: Fred Tomaszewicz

  • Large Spanish population

Trenton, New Jersey
Gregory Elementary School
500 Rutherford Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08618
Principal: Ms. Judy Steele
Facilitator: Ms. Ann Adomaitis

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban Setting
  • Tutors are National School Community Corps Members

Grant School
Trenton, NJ
Principal: Veronica Taylor
Facilitator: Irene Paramoure

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban Setting
  • ALEM (Alternative Learning Environment Model sponsored by Temple University)

Newton, New Jersey
Long Pond Elementary
707 Limecrest Rd.
Newton, NJ 07860
Principal: Dr. Karen Brooks
Facilitator: Elaine Steigerwalt

  • Reaching Up
  • Suburban
  • Parent volunteers


Littleton, North Carolina
Aurelian Springs Elementary
10536 Hwy 48
Littleton, NC 27850
Principal: Tony Moss
Facilitator: Jackie Wilson

  • Reaching Up
  • Rural school


Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Valley Elementary School
3100 Donallen Drive
Bensalem, PA 19120
Principal: Ms. Jean Stewart
Facilitator: Ms. Martha MacAninch
Central officeŚ215-750-2800, ext. 4106

  • Reaching Up
  • Suburban Setting
  • Initial implementation was in Grade 1 Transition Class; expanded to Grades 1 & 2

Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania
Pleasant Valley Elementary School
Route 15
Brodheadsville, PA
Principal: Mr. Wunder
Facilitator: Ms. Stacey L. Bose

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Rural Setting
  • Students in program are special education students

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Melrose Academy
2041 Berryhill St.
Harrisburg, PA 17104
Principal: Mr. Donald Cooper
Facilitator: Mrs. Kene Melphis

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban Setting
  • Part of a school reform plan

Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Bushkill Elementary School
960 Bushkill Center Road
Nazareth, PA 18064
Facilitator: Mrs. Sandy Turtzo

  • Reaching Up
  • Rural Setting

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bridesburg Elementary
Richmond and Jenks Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19137
Principal: Elmer Boehringer
Facilitator: Gloria Morrison

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban

Cayuga Elementary
5th and Cayuga Streets
Philadelphia, Pa 19141
Principal: Mrs. Teatre
Facilitator: Joanne Kipnic

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban
  • Very low socio-economic
  • Workstations in hallways, cubbies etc.

Central East Middle School
238 E. Wyoming Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19120

  • Reaching Higher
  • Middle School Implementation for Grades 5, 6 and some 7

Ferguson Elementary
2000 N. 7th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Principal: Linda Hall
Coordinator: Nilsa Encarnacion
Facilitators: Zelda Davis-Jones, Paula Cruz

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Urban Setting

Fox Chase School
Rhawn & Ridgeway Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19111
Principal: Mrs. Ellen Cooper
Facilitator: Ms. Florence Waring

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban Setting

L. P. Hill Elementary
3133 Ridge Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19132
Principal: Barbara Rico
Facilitator: Avril Ford

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Urban

Marshall School
Sellers & Griscom Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Principal: Ms. Renee Morley
Facilitator: Mrs. Claudette Granderson

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban Setting

McClure Elementary
500 W. Hunting Park Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Principal: Vera Dierkes
Facilitator: Karen Dean

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban Setting
  • Workstations in hallways

McKinley Elementary
2101 N. Orkney St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Facilitator: Margie Garcia

  • Reaching Up
  • Hispanic population
  • Urban

Moffet School
Howard & Oxford Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Principal: Mr. Jack Kelly
Facilitator: Ms. Arlene Goldsmith

  • Reaching Up
  • Urban Setting
  • Stations in trailer
  • Spanish speaking students

Olney Elementary
Tabor Rd. and Water St.
Philadelphia, PA 19120
Principal: Dr. Henry Barsky
Facilitator: Linda Broder

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Urban Setting

Robert Morris Elementary
26th and Thompson St.
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Principal: Marshall Gorodetzer
Facilitator: Ruby Weaver

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Urban

Wright Elementary School
2700 W. Dauphin St.
Philadelphia, PA 19132
Principal: Anita Duke
Facilitator: Phyliss Young

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Urban


Gallegos Elementary School
7415 Harrisburg
Houston, Texas 77011
Principal: Eva Laredo
Facilitator: Lori Luptow, Title I Coordinator
Phone: 713-924-1830

  • Pilot School


Colonial Heights, Virginia
North Elementary
3201 Dale Ave.
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Principal: Bruce Seamter
Facilitator: Christine Simmons

  • Reaching Up and Reaching Higher
  • Suburban

Luray, Virginia
Page County School District
735 West Main St.
Luray, VA 22835
Contact: Judy Price, Title 1

  • Reaching Up
  • 5 schools, district-wide
  • Rural

Yorktown, Virginia
Yorktown Elementary
131 Seige Lane
Yorktown, VA 23692
Principal: Regina Hervey
Facilitators: Jamie Colonna, Betty Estes
District Office: Dell Stinnette

  • Reaching Up
  • District-wide implementation in 10 schools
  • Small town
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